Reviewing Process

I thought it might be a good idea to explain my reviewing process. I'm sure a lot of reviewers have a really awesome way they do it. For me its pretty simple.

I finish a book.
Sit down at my computer.
Plug my headphones in.
Put some good music on.
And the review just flows.

If I don't write a review right after I read the book there is actually a very good chance that I never will.

So maybe you want to know how I pick between giving a book 5 stars and giving a 1 star. I can break that down for you as well. Though its not as simple.

First I have to actually write the review. I never give a star rating until I've finished, I'm pretty sure I zone out into review land while I'm writing and I don't even really know what I thought of the book until I'm done. Then I just re read my review, and sometimes read it to my husband (who I'm pretty sure just pretends to listen, by hey for some reason it helps).

In order for a book to get a 5 star review I would have spent the entire review gushing and gooing all over the place, and not once complained about anything in the book. Most of the times when this happens I loved the book so much I didn't even notice if something was wrong.

For a 4 star review its pretty much the same deal, only I've complained about one or two things that bothered me. Or there was at least one major thing that took away from the story for me and it followed me through the entire read and has weighed on my mind.

3 star is more of a "I liked the book, but. . ." kinda deal for me. There is either something that really bothered  me the entire read and wouldn't go away. Or its one of those "Haven't I already read this book somewhere before?" kinda feels that gets me.

2 stars are pretty much the opposite of a 5 star. I pretty much hated everything about the book, but there was at least one thing that kept me reading. One thing that I really really liked and wished I would have seen more of.

1 stars, I don't write many of these. Mainly because I would have stopped wasting my time long before I even got close to the end of the book. I never feel right about reviewing a book that I don't finish, though I have done it before. If you got a 1 star from me I hated everything about the book, and even if there was something I liked it wasn't enough to make me happy. Chances are if you getting a 1 or 2 star review from me I am actually pretty mad while I'm writing it, and have just moaned and ranted around the house.

So that is pretty much it in a nut shell.

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