Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Summer Time!

So I have noticed that I haven't really been writing a lot of reviews lately and I thought I should explain why that is.

If you haven't already noticed its like 10 million degrees outside, meaning its summer time. . .Yay! <---not, I really don't like the summer time. It took me 26 years to find out why I love cold weather so much but I finally got it. When summer time rolls around all the creepy ass bugs come out, I'm not just talking about spiders I'm talking about weird looking bugs with mean looking pincer things just waiting for me to let my guard down so they can get me. Last year I was attacked by a cicada and I nearly had a heart attack. It had me trapped outside because it was right in front of my back door doing some kinda weird flip flop thing while screaming. I have to point out that it was like 2 in the morning so there was no one awake to save me. I'll see if I can find a video of what it was like.

Fast forward to about 1.25 in the video. . .but before you do that imagine yourself sitting outside reading a book, minding your own business, lost in your own little world right when something like the part at 1.25 in the video happens to you. I reverted back to a 3 year old girl screamed, ran out of my chair and starting dancing around in a panic. . .it was a pretty long night.

But my fear of all the bugs out to get me aside, its summer which means my son isn't in school anymore. Which also means if I don't keep my kids busy they will try to beat the shit out of each other all day while screaming "Mommy!!!" over and over again and before you know it I will be checking myself into an insane asylum. Like right now my son keeps dive bombing the couch, landing right behind me and managing to kick the crap out of my back while trying to get back up. My daughter thought today would be the perfect opportunity to try out her talent with scissors and chopped off almost 5 years worth of hair growth. So as you can see I have my hands pretty full at the moment.

My reading is taking a backseat to this insaneness that it happening in my home. Which really is okay with me because I needed a break from it anyway. Sometimes to much of a good thing turns out to be a bad thing.

I'll still be posting reviews, so don't worry. . .I just won't be posting a ton of reviews at the moment.

Come Alive (Experiment in Terror #7)

Come Alive (Experiment in Terror #7)
by Karina Halle

It’s one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It’s another to try and keep her there. For Dex Foray, con­vinc­ing Perry Palomino to open her­self to their bur­geon­ing rela­tion­ship has been more chal­leng­ing than hunt­ing ghosts, bat­tling demons and stalk­ing Sasquatch com­bined. Add in the fact that the only way they can keep their Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror show run­ning is to take on a third part­ner in the form of the mys­te­ri­ous Max­imus Jacobs — all while inves­ti­gat­ing a sin­is­ter voodoo sect in New Orleans — and you’ve got the per­fect South­ern storm and a recipe for dis­as­ter. Luck­ily, Dex has never been one to back down, even when his life –and heart — are on the line.

5 Stars

I have really enjoyed the Experiment in Terror series so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on another of Karina Halles books. I have to say I'm not one to really enjoy series, I tend to get bored of them after awhile, but these books always get my blood pumping when I'm reading them, and honestly I don't see myself ever getting bored with them. I'll probably want to cry my eyes out when the series finally ends. There is just something about Perry and Dex that I just can't get enough of.

The real plus of this book is that it is told from Dex's point of view this time, something that doesn't happen very often. Being inside his head is awesome. He honestly reminds me of a few of my guy friends, there is something totally hysterical about someone that can't go more then a few minutes without saying something perverted. This could just be me, but that stuff cracks me up. That said I do have to say I liked the books told from Perrys point of view more. It just seemed that after a while I craved Perrys thoughts on everything. It is probably just because I'm used to reading from her point of view though.

The story itself was more then what I was expecting honestly. I can't say I was to surprised when the zombie master was figured out, but I was starting to doubt myself for a while there. That is enough to make a book great in and of itself. Just when you think you have it figured out something pops up to make you rethink everything.

The side story of Dex's and Perry's relationship was like riding on a roller coaster. After getting this far I just wanted to bang their heads together and make them just get over everything else and be happy. But of course we can't just jump off the ride, we have to take all the scary but exhilarating dips with them. But it is always worth it in the end.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yeah, I'm totally and completely in love with Perry and Dex. I can't wait to see what other crazy stuff they are going to go through.

On a side note here, Karina you have giving me so many fun names to call people that piss me off. I caught myself calling a driver that pissed me off a douchecanoe not to long ago and the shocked face my husband gave me was priceless.

Also I want to kick myself for not writing a review for every book. . .I think there is only 2 others out there from me. But it is all because as soon as I finished one book I started on another and I just didn't have the will power to stop myself to get to a review.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Final Warden

The Final Warden
by Thomas Cardin

The Final Warden is the first book of the Gifts of Vorallon trilogy. 

The world of Vorallon is failing. Hordes of demons destroy cities and everyone who lives in them. The raiders of Zuxra, foul men who answer only to their mad queen, conquer and enslave all that remains. As all descends into darkness, the Old Gods sleep, but they have entrusted the survival of Vorallon to the gifted.

The gifted are people blessed with unique abilities fueled by the strength of their spirits.

Lorace is one of the gifted, a hollow shell of a man, scarred by demons and bereft of all memory. Lost on a desolate shore, the only clue to his destiny, and his past, is a sphere of dull silvery metal he holds. A mysterious call draws him north, toward the last bastion of light that exists upon Vorallon, the fortress city of Halversome—the next target of the Queen of Zuxra and the gifted people who do her bidding.

4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. Nothing makes me happier then reading a book that involves a world saving quest but when you add in some elves, dwarfs, old gods and then some demons for everyone to fight and I'm tickled pink.

I liked the concept of certain people being gifted with different things, it really added a fantasy feel to the read for me. Not saying the dwarfs and elves didn't do this for me, it just not that uncommon to find them in books now a days so the added element of the different gifts made me happy. I liked how this was explained as well. It was something different, but not hard to understand either. 

The book is told mainly from Loraces point of view, but there are a few time when you get a peek into someone elses head. This was done really well, normally I love when a book is told from a whole bunch of point of views, but this one wouldn't have worked half as good if it was done that way. You really need to learn about Loraces and what he went through so that you could better understand him. 

The story itself felt like it cut off to soon, at least for my liking. It seemed that we were finally starting to get to the meat of it when the book ended. Though most of the major plot points had been answered I was just starting to really get into everything and I was a little sad that it ended when it did. 

I really love books that have this plot done in them, so it was really wasn't surprising that I enjoyed this one so much. This book is written really well, not everyone can nail the flawed hero on a important quest thing but the author did a really good job on this. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are into books where there is a hero to fight some great evil you will really like this one.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Demon's Doorway (Damned and Cursed)

Demon's DoorwayDemon's Doorway (Damned and Cursed)
by Glenn Bullion

Alex has a good life. Being a unique half demon, he's used his powers to conquer feral vampires, the darkness inside him, and help ghosts in need. But there's one more challenge that will be his strongest. Marrying Cindy, the love of his life.

Jack has been cursed by a witch's magic for two hundred years. Unable to sleep, unable to die, his only hope for peace lies with young Kevin, a pure witch.

Kevin has his own problems. Controlling the forces of magic is only the beginning. He's lost, unsure of himself, trying to find his place in the world. Now, a man named Jack is asking him to perform magic he didn't even know existed.

A wedding, a witch that needs guidance, an invulnerable man with anger issues, and a new threat, with evil intentions. Four-hundred-year-old vampire Victoria may finally be in over her head.

5 Stars

I was really looking forward to this book. When I finished reading Jack Kursed I craved to read a book that had him in it again. Jack is by far my favorite out of everyone, there is just something about him that makes me laugh. So when it popped up on my facebook that the book was being released today I jumped all over it and read it until I came to the end. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. 

To me it never really seemed you needed to read the books in order to understand the series, but because all four of the main characters show up this time around you are going to want to invest in reading everything before you pick this one up. You really won't understand a lot of the connections if you don't. The first three are great reads so it really isn't a bad thing.

It was nice to get a little bit of everyone this time around. Though like I said early Jack is my favorite and I savored the times when he was center stage. I just wish Tiffany had a bigger place this time around. 

There is a lot of side things going on, and though it might not seem like it will have a point to the main plot it all pulls itself together. If you haven't guess already the book is told from quite a few different point of views. For the most part this is done really well, there was only I few times when I got confused as to who's head we were in. 

The plot moved at a good pace, and everything unfolded well. I have to say I really liked the ending. The only complaint I have is that I never really got a feel for the bad guy or why he was doing what he was doing. I would have liked to get a better look at him, and I would have liked to know exactly how he came to be. I thought it would have been something found out but you are kinda left hanging on that end. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I am very satisfied with the latest addition to the Damned and Cursed Series and hope to see more in the future.

If your interested the order of the books is (cause I love links if you want to click on them you'll go to there amazon page):

A Witch to Live
Jack Kursed
Demon's Doorway

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Ghost Hold

I hope you are all as excited as me about this. I have been keeping this pretty hush hush and finally the day has come to put it all out there for everyone to see. And because I can be a little bit of a strange person at times today is the first time I even let myself see the cover, so I've only seen it a little bit before ya'll did. We are all in this together.

Ghost Hold is the second book in The PSS Chronicles written by Ripley Patton, the first being Ghost Hand. I really enjoyed Ghost Hand so I'm pretty excited to see what is in store for me in this book. If you haven't read Ghost Hand yet its not to late for you, and because I'm such a great person I'll put of some links for you so that you can hurry up and read it.

Ghost Hand - Amazon  it make things even better Ghost Hand will be free from 6/14/2013 to 6/18/2013

And you know if you want to read the review I gave it here is another wonderful link for you to click on.

So now that is out of the way let here a little more about Ghost Hold while I keep you all in suspense as to what the cover looks like. 

Ghost Hold is in the final stages of publication, which will ultimately be funded through the GHOST HOLD KICKSTARTER PROJECT, just as Ghost Hand was funded last year. The current Ghost Hold Kickstarter project was 41% funded in the first week, and when it reaches the halfway mark of $1250, Ripley is going to release the first chapter of the new book to all backers, with more chapters to come later as funding builds. 

So, in order to celebrate, and perhaps entice you to back the project and help make Ghost Hold a reality, Ripley is revealing the cover of Ghost Hold this weekend here and all over the internet. 

Olivia Black is back.

Only this time she's not the one in need of rescue.

Samantha James, rich, popular, and an award-winning composer at age seventeen, is the next target on the CAMFers' list. And in order to convince Samantha to come with them, Olivia and Passion must pose as cousins, blend into the most affluent high school in Indianapolis, and infiltrate a mysterious cult known as The Hold.

Olivia doesn't expect it to be easy, even with the PSS guys backing them up. But what she discovers over the course of the mission will call into question everything she ever believed about herself, her ghost hand, and especially about Marcus, the guy she is undoubtedly falling in love with.

This compelling cover, featuring main characters from the book, Olivia Black, Marcus Jordan, and Passion Wainwright, was designed by Scarlett Rugers Designs of Australia. 

Be sure and visit Ripley's Kickstarter Project and let her know what you think of the cover there, or here in the comments. But don't delay. The project ends July 1st and is the only way to pre-order the book before its September release

I hope this has gotten ya'll pumped up for Ghost Holds release. . .I know it has gotten me all sorts of excited.

Monsoon Reign

Monsoon Reign
Monsoon Reign
by R.C. Fettig

Kathair wanted answers to her lost memories. Instead of answers she found herself magically bound to the very man her nightmares warned her against.

In a dark world torn apart by war, Fayodale rebuilt itself into a feudalistic society full of religious and political corruption.
Public executions are performed as entertainment and families pay tribute for a goddess to provide them with children birthed through a mysterious pool.
So when the wife of a prominent politician becomes pregnant, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Using his powers and influence, the Duke will stop at nothing to take the throne and Kathair must decide whether to accept her fate or attempt to flee as her world crashes down around her.

4 Stars

I was planning on taking my time reading this book. Well that totally didn't happen, once I started I just couldn't put it down. I just couldn't pull myself away from Kathair and what she was going through, I needed to know what was going to happen to her, and before I knew it the book was over.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe this book. Sure there was the mystery of Kathair's dreams and where exactly she came from, or how exactly Fayodale came to be but that isn't what kept me reading. Sure I was interested in finding these things out, but Kathairs character and the struggles she has is what keep me drawn in until the very end. To live the way she had to and to still be able to stand up for herself made her pretty amazing.

The book is told from different point of views, and this is done pretty well. You get inside the minds of all the important characters and it gives you a good idea of what exactly is going on. It gives you the opportunity to really get to know the people that surround Kathairs and how they either supported her or hindered her with all her struggles.

I'm pretty interested in knowing what exactly happened to the "old world" and how Fayodale came to be, which I'm sure is something that will be focused on more in the books to come. I also liked the magic used and it seemed realist the way things progressed with Kathairs training in it.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was the passage of time. There is really no warning as to when months or years will pass by and it would jar me out of the book when this would happen. It would have been a good idea to think of a way to date the chapters so that the reader is aware ahead of time when a long passage of time would happen.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it has a very post apocalyptic feel to it, so if you are into books like that you will enjoy this book a lot.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


by Keith Yatsuhashi

When eighteen-year-old Keiko Yamada’s father dies unexpectedly, he leaves behind a one way ticket to Japan, an unintelligible death poem about powerful Japanese spirits and their gigantic, beast-like Guardians, and the cryptic words: “Go to Japan in my place. Find the Gate. My camera will show you the way.” 

Alone and afraid, Keiko travels to Tokyo, determined to fulfill her father’s dying wish. There, beneath glittering neon signs, her father’s death poem comes to life. Ancient spirits spring from the shadows. Chaos envelops the city, and as Keiko flees its burning streets, her guide, the beautiful Yui Akiko, makes a stunning confession--that she, Yui, is one of a handful of spirits left behind to defend the world against the most powerful among them: a once noble spirit now insane. Keiko must decide if she will honor her father’s heritage and take her rightful place among the gods.

*** 1/2
3 1/2 stars

I'm a fan of anything Japanese lately so when I was able to get a copy of this book to review I jumped all over it. I don't think there has been a book that had me liking so many things but feeling like I was gearing up for battle to read it. I liked the book a lot, but it took me about half the book before I entered my reading zone.

There is a ton of different characters and I had a hard time keeping track of who was who and what role everyone played in the beginning. The book is told from all these different point of views, which is something I normally love, but this time it made it harder for me to grasp what was going on. For the first half of the book I was really confused, and kept feeling like I missed some important piece of information somewhere. But as everything progressed and I started to get a feel for everyone it became much easier to follow. 

I really loved the way the different gods where portrayed. I'm in no way an expert when it comes to Japanese culture so I can't really judge on that front, but to me it seemed like it was being put across as correct, and I guess that is all that really matters.

I do have to say that putting Japanese words in might not have been the best of ideas. Because I watch anime almost as much as I read I was able to know what words meant what most of the time, and the few times I didn't and tried to look them up with my kindle I didn't get the meaning so it got frustrating.

The plot itself started of confusing but started to make more and more sense the farther into the book you got. When it was all said and done I was very satisfied with the ending and how everything pulled together. There wasn't any lose endings dangling around all my questions where answered. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes and maybe. Yes to people the enjoy Japanese culture and maybe to people that aren't very interested in it.

On a side note. . . I would suggest to the author to put a glossary in somewhere. Most of the Japanese words used are the same through out the entire book so having the meanings somewhere would be really helpful. Also a match of god and guardian would have been really helpful as well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jack Kursed

Posting another of my older reviews, though honestly looking back at some of these reviews reminds me of why I started reviewing books in the first place.

This book is part of a series and is considered the third book. I didn't know this when I first picked it up and read it, I never felt that I was missing out on some information. You don't really need to read them in order, but I have read the first two books and they are worth reading.

Jack Kursed
by Glenn Bullion

The victim of a witch’s curse, Jack has been awake for two hundred years. Unable to die, unable to sleep, he’s trapped in a state of existence that no one can relate to, not even his vampire best friend Victoria.

Using his unique condition, he has helped Victoria in keeping the supernatural world at bay. Evil vampires, werewolves, and monsters have all died at their hand. But he’s about to face his biggest challenge, eight-year-old orphan Tiffany.

Tiffany shows Jack a side of life he’s never seen. A beautiful, hopeful world, where even someone full of rage and disdain for mortal life can find happiness.

However, when his new life and friends are in danger, Jack will unleash a fury two hundred years in the making.

5 Stars

I bought this book at 2:30am and just now finished reading it, its 12 in the afternoon if your wondering. You would be correct in thinking at I read this book the entire night through, it was almost ironic because most of the time I was laying in bed. Knowing that you should already be guessing that this book was pure amazement. That and I'm on the over tired side and riding the "just finished a great book" feeling and will crash in an hour or so when it wears off (anyone that has done this before knows exactly what I'm feeling right now). So I wan't to get this all out before my body shuts down on me.

As you can probably guess by the title this is about a man named Jack, and he has a nice little curse on him. He has lived 200 years with out ever getting a minute a sleep and has fostered a rage inside that makes him quite the violent fellow. Though he does his violence sometimes with brutal efficiency, he makes some very witty comments along the way. All he wants from this world is a cure to his curse, but instead he gets an 8 year old girl that literally barrels her way into his life.

From this book you will get a touch of romance (that has nothing to do with the 8 year old), a little mystery, a lot of violence, hilarious dialogue, and a touching story of how a man filled with rage can over come it by the love of a child.

Now is the part where I lose all self control. . .

Jack, holy cow, I absolutely loved everything about him. I felt like I could have sat down in a diner with him and traded that straight up witty I don't give a crap banter with him. He had me laughing more times then I could count. It was so bad that I tried to explain what was so funny to my husband, and I did a horrible job at it because he just smiled and nodded at me. I feel like there is probably something wrong with me for loving him so much, because he was really such a heartless bastard. That said I still wish there was someone out there like him to entertain me like this in real life

Tiffany made me want to cry, the poor thing, and her first encounter with Jack should have not been as funny as it was to me. But come one telling a terrified kid not to get their mutant kid snot on their pants was really just great. You probably noticed by now that I'm that person that is cracking up when you fall down. . .even if your a complete stranger.

Victoria, I feel like she almost took away from the story a little bit. This could just because I wanted to read more about Tiffany and Jack, alright I admit it was because I wanted to read more about them. . .they were just so darn interesting. But she was just as awesome as the rest of them. Thinking about it everyone was great in this book. . .now I'm just gushing, and I blame it all on this book and it making me get no sleep.

All in all, as you can probably already guess this book rocked my world, and I LOVE when a book does that to me. I will be checking out more work by Glenn Bullion. You my fine fellow have just gained a fan for life, I bow down to your awesomeness and also put the pressure on you to keep creating such fine works of art that make me gush like a 15 year old girl with my first crush.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yeah, I really loved it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Psycho Save Us

So I'm currently reading a book and its taking me a little bit longer then normal to read it. My excuse here is that it is the last week of school so things are a little crazy. . .personally I think its a pretty good excuse to use (though things aren't as crazy as think they are at times). I was thinking things where looking a little sad over here so I decided to talk/promote a series that I really like (but really love).

This book blew my mind, I still don't know if I should love it as much as I do, but really I can't help myself. I should know this by now, but anytime I am reluctant to start reading something it ends up being one of the best things I have read. Psycho Save Us by Chad Huskins touches on a lot of serious issues. Its listed as horror, not because a ghost or zombie shows up somewhere but because some truly horrifying things happen.

Psycho Save Us

by Chad Huskins

Two young girls with a gift for telepathy are abducted off the streets of Atlanta by vicious human traffickers, and their only help may be Spencer Pelletier, a psychopath recently escaped from prison, in this latest gripping horror-thriller from Chad Huskins.

5 Stars


I can't make myself write a synopsis of this book because it wouldn't do it any justice. Reading this book was like seeing a car accident and not being able to look away. It was sick and twisted and disturbing but I couldn't make myself stop reading it. I needed to know what the out come would be. And it almost feels wrong saying it was a good book because it was so messed up, but it was, it was one of the best books I have read this year. I felt for all the characters, was saddened by the fact that there are people like Spencer running around for real, and to know what Kaley and her sister Shan went through is something that really happens.

If there was any editing or grammar errors my brain didn't register them at all. I was so drawn in by what these poor girls where going through that I couldn't notice anything else.

The book was told from multiple points of view and they all flowed together seamlessly. You were never left floundering.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, as sad as this book is, it also puts into perspective the things you try to not notice that are all around us all the time.

I remember just kinda sitting there when I finished this book. I wanted to write a review for it but it left me speechless, I didn't think I could do it justice in a review, and honestly I still don't think my review did. But I couldn't leave it alone either.

I'm still conflicted on if I should have liked Spencer or not, but I guess that is the catch of it all. . . because of him being a psychopath he should be able to make anyone like him, and even though I can see the inner workings of his mind I still wanted to like him as a whole. 

Chad Huskins is a truly talented author, there are very few books that really pull me in like this one has, its been about 9 months since I first picked it up and I still think about it from time to time, it left that much of an impact on me. 

There is a second book in the series called Psycho Within Us that I have all ready read and reviewed on here, so now you know what the first book. If there is only one book you decide to read out of all the books I have reviewed on here let it be this one.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kingdom of Heroes

Kingdom of Heroes
by Jay Phillips

They were supposed to be invincible; they were supposed to be our heroes.                

Years ago, a gene virus ran rampant across the planet, leaving a small percentage of people gifted/ cursed with extraordinary abilities and humanity itself forever changed. Suddenly, there were people with super strength and speed, people who could read minds, people who could teleport themselves from place to place with but a single thought. 

Several of these people joined together to form The Seven, the most powerful group of supers the world had ever known. Led by the enigmatic Agent America, The Seven kept the country safe from threats both foreign and internal. That is until the United States government decided the threat of the supers outweighed any protection they could offer. 

After a war between the super powered and the normals (as non-powered humans are now referred), The Seven have placed themselves as the nation's rulers, controlling the country through fear and intimidation. But now, someone or something is murdering The Seven one-by-one, single handedly attempting to make them pay for all of the sins they have committed. 

To stop a killer, The Seven turn to a man who hates them as much as anyone. An imprisoned man known only as The Detective finds himself in the unenviable position of helping the people he despises in exchange for his freedom. 

5 Stars

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book when I first started reading it, but before I knew what was happening I was pulled into the mystery of what was going on trying my hardest to figure it all out. I have to say it was a very entertaining read.

It was like taking all the super heroes you hear about changing their names and then spinning them around and showing how the good guys could easily turn around and take control of everything they stood to protect. This book really reminded me of every super hero movie I have ever watched at some point, but at the same time is able to stand on its own.

I have to say The Detective was a great character, though his super powers aren't anything super great he could handle himself well. The witty banter he kept flowing made what could have been a very serious book more lighthearted.

This book touched on a lot of different things, and though you knew what Agent America was doing was wrong at the same time you could see why he was doing the things he was. Honestly he reminded me a lot of my Dad and his views, and lets just say I hope nothing like this ever happens for real cause Agent America could very well come to be.

At first I wasn't to sure how I liked the journal entrys placed though out the book, but after a while I started to like the way you could gleam some different information from them. Like when you would start thinking Agent America really wasn't so bad you would come to an entry that would have him doing something horrible and you remembered why you aren't suppose to be on his side again. It fit into everything really well and gave you the information that everyone else already knew about.

I have to say I did figure out part of the mystery before The Detective did but it didn't take him to much longer to figure out the same thing that did. But I was completely clueless to the reason behind everything else right up to the end.

Would I recommend this book? Yup, anyone that has even the slightest like of super heroes will enjoy this book, and if you like a good mystery all the better.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


by David Lundgren

Raf and his family live high up in the colossal trees of the Aeril Forest where they are preparing to host the famous annual Festival. Raf isn’t too bothered about it. All he wants to do is finish school and go traveling. But having both parents on the village Council isn’t easy and he feels increasingly frustrated at the pressure being heaped on him. His stubbornness is challenged though, when he discovers he has a powerful talent that lets him use music in unexpected and magical ways. 

Things quickly fall apart in the Forest when a mysterious disease starts killing the trees - no small problem when they live hundreds of yards above the ground - and rumors spread of a military invasion in the north, as well as of a violent stranger who seems to somehow be the cause of the tree decay. 

Faced with the desperate need to find a cure for the Forest and seek out a 
teacher to help him harness his new found powers, Raf is swept away on an 
unexpected journey far from his home into the heart of the desert, where even greater challenges await him...

4 Stars

I found this book to be very refreshing. Being someone that reads a lot I had been having a hard time finding something worth reading to the end, so it was with extreme caution that I started reading this one. Thank goodness it was a good read. 

I think the thing I liked the most was the world building. You're not going to find anything that seems remotely familiar in this book. Not only am I getting dazzled by imagining what it would be like to live in a forest of giant trees I'm getting intrigued by the culture of the people that live in them. You get enough description to be able to picture what everything looks like without getting bogged down.

Raf was an interesting character to follow around, I'm really not used to reading books from a males point of view and I found it nice. No offence to all of us lady's out there, but to be able to read a book YA book without hearing about how hot every boy was so great. Raf himself is how I would imagine a 16 year boy would think as well. His gift was something that was interesting to hear about, though we really never find out exactly what it is. But it was pretty cool to discover everything with him and to watch as he started to embrace it.

Its told from a few different point of views, but this is done very well. There is defiantly a lot of different things going on all over the place, but it never got confusing as to what was going on where because of great point of view shifts. I have to say I love books that are written this way, being able to see everything going on from different directions just makes me happy.

The only thing I didn't like is the fact that we really never find out what Rafs gift is, he may have figured out how to use it but you don't ever really find out how it works. Just when I was starting to think I would get more information on it something happens so that I didn't. It was a little frustrating for me. I can only imagine that everything will be explained more in a second book, but I don't really like when something that seems so important doesn't get explained at all.

Also as a side note, I didn't notice a glossary anywhere, but I really suggest that the author makes something up. There are a lot of words used that you don't know that all tie into the culture of the people in the book. It would have been really helpful to have somewhere to reference when I first came across them instead of having to try and figure them out for myself.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are looking for something completely new this book is one you are going to want to pick up.
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