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Monsoon Reign

Monsoon Reign
Monsoon Reign
by R.C. Fettig

Kathair wanted answers to her lost memories. Instead of answers she found herself magically bound to the very man her nightmares warned her against.

In a dark world torn apart by war, Fayodale rebuilt itself into a feudalistic society full of religious and political corruption.
Public executions are performed as entertainment and families pay tribute for a goddess to provide them with children birthed through a mysterious pool.
So when the wife of a prominent politician becomes pregnant, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Using his powers and influence, the Duke will stop at nothing to take the throne and Kathair must decide whether to accept her fate or attempt to flee as her world crashes down around her.

4 Stars

I was planning on taking my time reading this book. Well that totally didn't happen, once I started I just couldn't put it down. I just couldn't pull myself away from Kathair and what she was going through, I needed to know what was going to happen to her, and before I knew it the book was over.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe this book. Sure there was the mystery of Kathair's dreams and where exactly she came from, or how exactly Fayodale came to be but that isn't what kept me reading. Sure I was interested in finding these things out, but Kathairs character and the struggles she has is what keep me drawn in until the very end. To live the way she had to and to still be able to stand up for herself made her pretty amazing.

The book is told from different point of views, and this is done pretty well. You get inside the minds of all the important characters and it gives you a good idea of what exactly is going on. It gives you the opportunity to really get to know the people that surround Kathairs and how they either supported her or hindered her with all her struggles.

I'm pretty interested in knowing what exactly happened to the "old world" and how Fayodale came to be, which I'm sure is something that will be focused on more in the books to come. I also liked the magic used and it seemed realist the way things progressed with Kathairs training in it.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was the passage of time. There is really no warning as to when months or years will pass by and it would jar me out of the book when this would happen. It would have been a good idea to think of a way to date the chapters so that the reader is aware ahead of time when a long passage of time would happen.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it has a very post apocalyptic feel to it, so if you are into books like that you will enjoy this book a lot.

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