Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Final Warden

The Final Warden
by Thomas Cardin

The Final Warden is the first book of the Gifts of Vorallon trilogy. 

The world of Vorallon is failing. Hordes of demons destroy cities and everyone who lives in them. The raiders of Zuxra, foul men who answer only to their mad queen, conquer and enslave all that remains. As all descends into darkness, the Old Gods sleep, but they have entrusted the survival of Vorallon to the gifted.

The gifted are people blessed with unique abilities fueled by the strength of their spirits.

Lorace is one of the gifted, a hollow shell of a man, scarred by demons and bereft of all memory. Lost on a desolate shore, the only clue to his destiny, and his past, is a sphere of dull silvery metal he holds. A mysterious call draws him north, toward the last bastion of light that exists upon Vorallon, the fortress city of Halversome—the next target of the Queen of Zuxra and the gifted people who do her bidding.

4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. Nothing makes me happier then reading a book that involves a world saving quest but when you add in some elves, dwarfs, old gods and then some demons for everyone to fight and I'm tickled pink.

I liked the concept of certain people being gifted with different things, it really added a fantasy feel to the read for me. Not saying the dwarfs and elves didn't do this for me, it just not that uncommon to find them in books now a days so the added element of the different gifts made me happy. I liked how this was explained as well. It was something different, but not hard to understand either. 

The book is told mainly from Loraces point of view, but there are a few time when you get a peek into someone elses head. This was done really well, normally I love when a book is told from a whole bunch of point of views, but this one wouldn't have worked half as good if it was done that way. You really need to learn about Loraces and what he went through so that you could better understand him. 

The story itself felt like it cut off to soon, at least for my liking. It seemed that we were finally starting to get to the meat of it when the book ended. Though most of the major plot points had been answered I was just starting to really get into everything and I was a little sad that it ended when it did. 

I really love books that have this plot done in them, so it was really wasn't surprising that I enjoyed this one so much. This book is written really well, not everyone can nail the flawed hero on a important quest thing but the author did a really good job on this. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are into books where there is a hero to fight some great evil you will really like this one.

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