Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Bring the Fire Part I : Wolves (A Loki Story)

I Bring the Fore Part I : Wolves (A Loki Story)
by C.Gockel

In the middle of America, on Route 44, Amy Lewis has a plan — to get to her grandma’s house in time for dinner. Galaxies away Loki is waking up in a prison cell, strangely without a hangover, and with no idea what he’s done wrong — this time anyway. But he does know Thor is hiding something, Odin is up to something wicked, and there seems to be something he’s forgotten...

In this tale that is equal parts “Another Fine Myth,” “American Gods,” and “Once Upon a Time,” a very nice midwestern girl and a jaded, still very mischievous Loki must join forces to outwit gods, elves, magic sniffing cats, and nosy neighbors. If Loki can remember exactly what he’s forgotten and Amy can convince him not to be too distracted by Earthly gadgets, her boobs, or three day benders, they just might pull it off...

This first volume of "I Bring the Fire" is for anyone who suspects chaos and mischief makers might have their own redeeming qualities, and anyone who just wants a good fantasy romp through modern Earth, ancient Asgard, and beyond!

3 stars

I've always had a strange fascination with Loki, not enough of one to really look into the myths that surround him, but to me he always seemed misunderstood and well, like he would be a kind of fun person to be around. This book hits on that feel for me, he is portrayed just as I would imagine he would.

I can't say that I understood everything going on. I think you really need to have some knowledge on the background of Loki and Asgard to really enjoy it. Since I don't things were on the confusing side, the author did try to explain this out through flash backs with Loki but I still found myself feeling lost at lot of the time.

I can't claim to have really liked Amy character I think she fit in pretty well in the scheme of things, and I did like Loki a lot and Amy's grandmother.

The plot was okay, nothing to complicated, it was pretty straight forward with everything that was happening. Things wrap up really nice in the end with just enough loose ends to justify another book. The questions bought up in this book are answered, but new ones are bought up that will make you want to read the next one to see how things are going to work out.

Would I recommend this book? I get an "Eh" feeling. It was good, but not great but if I found someone into Norse Mythology I would probably tell them to give it a peek.

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