Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Until Further Notice

Well so far that nasty little stomach bug seems to have made its rounds. Thank God that it skipped me and my son, at least this is what we are really hoping for because its been a about a week and we both seem to be fine. That is me pretty much begging for it to be the truth because. . . .

I'm going to Jersey tomorrow for my husbands little sisters wedding. I'll be there for a bit so once again I won't really be able to read to much. Though chances are after the wedding I'll crack open my kindle once again and start getting back to my reading and reviewing self. So I'll be taking on requests again, but I'll have to let you know now that I'm pretty backed up on them because I haven't touched a book since everyone started puking in my house. . . and car.

So the until further notice is going to being starting up the beginning of November. I'll be taking requests and pumping out those reviews.

Thanks for being patient with me on this.

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