Friday, November 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: Caprion's Wings

Caprion's Wings 
by T. L. Shreffler

A novella of The Cat's Eye Chronicles.
Release Date: January 31st, 2014

By the age of nineteen, all Harpies know how to fly—except Caprion. He has yet pass the test of the Singing and gain his wings. His family has disowned him in shame and people are beginning to talk. Now an evil voice haunts his dreams, taunting him, drawing out his worst fears—that he will remain wingless forever.

Caprion decides to find the root of this insidious voice, no matter what it takes. He journeys to the secret prisons of the Harpy underground, where he meets a young slave named Moss. In those sunless, decrepit cells, a forbidden friendship is formed. Can Caprion and Moss find the source of the voice? And can Caprion save Moss from a terrible fate?

Join young Caprion as he journeys down, down into the earth, finding his wings and forging a friendship that will change him forever.

*This is a novella of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles. If you are new to the series, you can download the first book, Sora’s Quest, for free!

Download Sora's Quest for FREE (The Cat's Eye Chronicles, Book 1)
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OR Buy in Print!

T. L. Shreffler lives in Los Angeles, CA. She loves diversity, fantasy, romance, iced tea, long walks, philosophy, and thrift store shopping. She recently graduated with a BA in Badass (Creative Writing) and her poetry has been published consecutively in Eclipse: A Literary Journal and The Northridge Review. She is author of The Cat's Eye Chronicles (YA/Epic Fantasy) and The Wolves of Black River (PN Romance). For more info on this author, visit her website.
Shreffler is giving away an early ebook copy of Caprion's Wings and a Cat's Eye necklace to one lucky winner! Jess and I will be giving away a swag pack that includes a one of a kind keychain made with tender love and care by Jess herself.

*US/Canada only*

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in the cover reveal, Angie! <3 ~T. L. Shreffler

    1. No problem at all. . .I love your books so being able to do this for you makes me happy

  2. Who is my favorite character in The Cat's Eye Chronicles so far? Well, this probably isn't original, but I've got to say Crash. Caprion struck me as a bit snobbish and in need of humbling in Volcrian's Hunt, but we'll see if he endears himself more in his novella.


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