Tuesday, May 14, 2013


by Karin Cox

What is Cruxim?

Amedeo is Cruxim, a mysterious, immortal fallen angel. Destined to seek redemption as a vampire hunter, he nourishes his insatiable hunger on vampire blood. But when the object of his passion, the novice nun Joslyn, is turned into a vampire and enters a vampire coven, Amedeo's worlds collide. Shattered by the loss of his beloved, he vows to rid the world of vampires once and for all, even if it means destroying Josyln in the process.

A Paranormal Game of Cat and Mouse

Joining Amedeo on his quest to rid the world of the undead is Sabine. Half-woman, half-lioness, she is a Sphinx, a Guardian who has protected humans from vampires since the dawn of time. Yet Sabine comes to this fight pursued by her own enemies. Dr. Claus Gandler knows the secret of Sabine's mythological past and has vowed to torment her for eternity or destroy her forever.

Immortal Ever After?

Captured by the evil doctor, Amedeo and Sabine are paraded as sideshow freaks in Gandler's Circus of Curiosities. Only vampire Joslyn has the power to intercede. Will she prove Amedeo's redemption, or his destruction?

3 Stars

This is a very interesting take on a vampires. Instead of them being all lovey and sparkly they are what you would expect, blood thristy. To make it even more interesting there is a creature that hunts the hunters, the cruxim. This is something I haven't really come across very often so I was pretty excited about starting this book. The beginning is interesting, we have Amedeo trapped as a prisoner and have some flashbacks to get the gist of what happened to him and the back story to characters that are going to be showing up later in the book. I liked the way this was done, it kept me interested in Amedeo's story and wondering if he was going to be able to escape his prison.

What I didn't like was the time shifts, it was hard to keep track of what was going on and when or where. It was hard to keep on track with the story when Amedeo would be in one spot then suddenly another and you really wouldn't know how he got there or how long it took for him to get to that point. 

I also didn't really like how he comes across as an almighty vampire hunter but is to emotionally involved that he just keeps getting his butt handed to him when ever he comes across one. After a while Amedeo just came across as a wuss to me that couldn't even really do what he is made to do in the end. This was frustrating for me, and a lot of what he was going through mentally is told to us over and over again. 

The love triangle that is in the book doesn't really feel like it should be one, mainly because we hear more about his time with Joslyn and how much he cares for her more then Sabine. But at the same time he does seem to care about Sabine quite a lot too. Personally this took away from the book for me because I don't really like love triangles at all. They always just make me mad in the end, and this one didn't really disappoint me in that aspect.

I really enjoyed Sabine. . .her character was pretty amazing. A sphinx is something I have never come across before in a book at all and I liked how she was protrayed.

Would I recommend this book? Though this book frustrated me a little I would recommend it mainly because of the different creatures in it.

This is something I'll only be putting up here on my handy dandy little blog. I got the feel that this book is a little, tiny bit of fan fiction, if anyone has ever watch the anime (yes I am a fan of anime) Trinity Blood you will know where I am coming from. It just has a little bit of the same feel to me with the vampire eating vampire thing going on, the wings, and the nun. Its not the exact same because this book is much more serious then the anime, but like I said felt the same to me.

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  1. Hi Angie,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to read and review Cruxim. I'm glad you enjoyed it (for the most part - those pesky love triangles). It did make me giggle that you thought it was fan fic. I can assure you that I just wrote my little novel as I imagined it and any similarity to any anime or anything else is entirely coincidental.

    I based Ame on a character from Croatian mythology, which is sometimes also called a Cresnik, and everything else unravelled from him. While I'd love to tell you that I'm cool enough to even know the show (or is it a game?) you're talking about, the truth is that as a 38-year-old work from home mum, if the TV is on at home, it's on ABC 2 for Kids and Sesame Street. I watch very little television, because I'm too busy trying to find the time to write, so my (very boring) guilty pleasure is Neighbours, or Game of Thrones. But thank you for making me sound much cooler than I really am. :-)

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to review, Angie. I really appreciate it.



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