Friday, May 24, 2013


by Becca Mills

Nice girls don't believe in monsters. They're wrong.

Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble. She's taking pictures of things she can't see, things that aren't human. Beth has her own dreams, but people like her don't get to go free. She's seized by a group dedicated to keeping Earth's shadow world--and its frightening inhabitants--a secret. Forced into otherworldly politics and uncertain whom to trust, Beth must come to terms with a radically altered future--one in which her own humanity seems to be slipping away.

Nolander is the first novel in the fantasy series Emanations.

5 Stars

When I finished this book I sat down and thought to myself "Wow, that wasn't what I expected". Right away I wanted to write a review on it, but I couldn't quite figure out where to start. So I ended up reading a short story that was okay, and a zombie book that was great before I came back to Nolanders for the review.

Beth lives in the small town of Dorf, where everyone knows everyone else's business. All her life she has suffered from panic attacks, they have ruled everything about her. She found that by taking photos it helps some, when weird things state showing up on film her life will change.

I have never once read a book that had anything like this in it, it was a completely original idea (at least to me is was and that is saying a lot, because I read a new book about every two days). And with most fantasy books being about vampires, werewolves, angels, or ghosts (which I can't stand, you don't want to get me started on the ghost fad that is going on)it made for a very interesting read. I couldn't even beginning to explain everything about these supernatural creatures, though from the books perspective they really aren't so supernatural as to original. Everything about it was fresh and exciting to me.

I also could never have guess at half of the things that went down, at one point I checked to see how far I was in the book cause I could have swore that it was at the 98% point with the way everything was going down, and I was not ready for it to be over. Thank goodness it wasn't even at the half way mark, I'm pretty sure I fist pumped before getting pulled back in to be taken for an amazing ride.

It is clear this book is going to be part of a series, I checked right away to see if the next one was out, which sadly it wasn't. But it doesn't leave you with a major cliff hanger at the end. It leaves you wanting to know more about Beth, and wondering what is going to happen next.

Would I recommend this book? Yup, this book was so refreshing to me.

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  1. I have this one but haven't read it yet! I read some so-so reviews and it put me off. Now I'm more inclined to make time for it after reading your impression :-)

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines


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