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Sky Warriors: Poleuthan's Thief (Sky Warriors Saga Book 1)

Sky Warrior's: Poleuthan's Thief (Sky Warriors Saga Book 1)
by: Nicole Pendragon

Ange is a young thief in the cruel and corrupt city of Cyridell. And dragons are but a myth to the people of Domus. 
Born and orphaned on the eve of a rare Five Full Moon night, Ange has nothing to show of her origins but a strange blue mark upon her chest. Left out on the streets at the age of seven without even a name, what other choice does she have but to steal to survive? Then one night she finds another orphaned child, her now best friend Daren and together they came under the eye of the most notorious thieves’ guild in the city, the Black Owls. 
Now ten years later, she is excited and eager to become a full member of her shifty family. Until her best friend, Daren, reveals a shocking secret that threatens to shatter her entire world. What will she do when stealing goes awry, honesty and trust are lost, and she is pulled into a world of fantasy and adventure by the likes of a mysterious young man? Will she let go of the past ten years of honing her skills as a thief to save the world from destruction? Or will her selfishness take precedence over the needs of the many?

4 stars

This book was very different than anything I had read in quite a long time. Though I really enjoyed reading it I also couldn't bring myself to really love it. But don't get me wrong I also didn't hate it. To make things easy I'm just going to say I'm sitting comfortably in the middle, though I am leaning more towards love.

The plot in and of it self was very thought out and interesting. There was a point where I though of sure certain plot points would be forgotten and never explained but thankfully the got resolved. The book had a lot more to it than I first thought which was a nice surprise. It turned out to be one of those books that I thought for sure would be ending soon only to see that I was only at the 67% mark.

Ange was interesting, a lot of her personality made sense and I liked the growth she went though in the book. Though I can say the one thing that drove me a little batty about her is how she was snarling all the time, I got pretty tired of reading that word.

I wasn't sure how to handle Showl, I think I wanted something else from him but kept getting someone that would turn all meek when it came to Ange. But at the same time I knew why he tended to do that and I could understand it. But I also really liked his character, as you can see it bought out a lot of conflicting emotions in me, probably why I fell somewhere in between love and hate with this book and settled with a strong like, which in itself isn't a bad thing.

The supporting character turned out to be a lot more than I first thought, and I can say it got really confusing with trying to keep track of who was who. Especially when nicknames would be used one paragraph and the next it would be their full name. I eventually got a little used to it but I can say for a fact that there a few times that I couldn't recall someone when they would pop up again and it would confuse the heck out of me.

I liked the world that was laid out in front of me. It was a interesting and thought out setting. I can say I was surprised at the bits of steampunk thrown in, I didn't see it coming but was happy about it.  The histories kept my attention and I liked the way the magic was explained. On a side note I started to looked forward to seeing what new kind of conjoined animal would pop up next. 

Would I recommend this book? Yes, the author did a great job creating a new and unique world I am looking forward to seeing how things are going to turn out with Showl and Ange.

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