Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Cult of Sutek: The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 1

The Cult of Sutek: The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel, Vol. 1
by Joshua P. Simon

His life has no purpose. She’s out to prove hers. An unlikely alliance forms. Their legend is born. 

Rondel, a once famous minstrel is crippled and rotting away in prison. He has nothing to live for until Andrasta, a mysterious warrior, gives his live meaning again. The pair escapes prison and in the aftermath, form a partnership they hope will lead to fame and fortune. Their journey is a long one, filled with peril, adventure, and even failure. 

The ancient Cult of Sutek grips the land of Iget. Framed by the cult for kidnapping and attempted murder, Rondel and Andrasta help a young noble rescue his sister in order to clear their name. 

The Cult of Sutek is the first volume in a planned series of standalone adventures in The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel.

4 stars

Honestly I really wasn't expecting much from this book. I downloaded it on a whim and when I finally pulled it up to read it was to kill a little time before I went to sleep. Well it ended up keeping me up all night because I couldn't bring myself to put it down.

The plot went in some many directions I didn't expect that I was really getting excited to see what would happen next. The world itself wasn't anything great at first to me, but somethings are added in that made it very interesting and everything got resolved very neatly in the end. No cliffhanger here.

The character were very interesting. Though in the beginning I wasn't to fond of Rondel but by the end he had really grown on me. Andrasta held my attention right from the get go, and it will seem like she is the same as she was in the beginning if you don't pay care attention to her thoughts, cause she does grow just not as obviously as Rondel and the other characters do. The one thing I wanted more was to find out more on her background.

I really enjoyed this read and it always makes me happy when I get more than what I thought I would. Once I'm done here I'll be moving on to the next book. I really want to find out more about Andrasta and Rondel and see what new adventure they will go on.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, like I mentioned earlier this was a surprisingly good read.

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