Thursday, August 22, 2013

Child of the Ghosts (The Ghosts Book #1)

Child of the Ghosts (The Ghosts Book #1)
by Jonathan Moeller

When her life is torn apart by sorcery and murder, young Caina Amalas joins the mysterious Ghosts, the legendary spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar. She learns the secrets of disguise and stealth, of assassination and infiltration.

But even that might not be enough to save her.

For the evil that destroyed her family seeks to devour the entire world...

5 Stars

I love when I pick up a book at complete random and get an amazing read out of it. From the very beginning I was drawn into Caina and her life that I found myself constantly checking to see how far I was into the book and frowning when it was coming to the end.

Caina herself was a great character to follow. She was strong, but at the same time had enough emotion to not make her into something so cold that you didn't care about her. After everything she goes through you can't help but root for her and hope that she accomplishes the things she sets out to do.

There are quite a few different characters in the book. But not to many that you get bogged down by details and have a hard time trying to remember who is who.

The point of view shifts a few times and you get into the head of the villain. This is something I like, it makes it so I feel that I've gotten a good look at everything. I knew things before Caina herself knew them, and it was interesting to watch as she figured them out for herself. But at the same time found myself surprised by things that I didn't expect to happen as well. I don't want to give spoilers so I won't go into them, its more fun when you find these things out for yourself.

The first part of the book is pretty much dedicated to Caina and her childhood, and the reason's why she turns into the person she is. Normally something like this can get boring or drag on. But it moved at a fast enough pace that it kept me interested, and I don't think anyone could get bored by her childhood, horrified is a better way to think on it.

Its is a pretty straight forward plot, one that you see pretty often when it comes to assassin stories. But this book sets itself apart from the others. Instead of feeling like the story was dragging on when it came to the parts of Caina's training, I wanted to read more about it.  There was only so much that you were told before time moved forward and she was learning something new. You weren't slammed with intense descriptions of things.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I really enjoyed this book a lot. I'll be getting the second to continue Cainas story.

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