Monday, August 19, 2013

The Clockwork Cathedral (The Time Corps Chronicles)

The Clockwork Cathedral
by Heather Blackwood

Medical student Felicia Sanchez is only trying to help an injured man when she slips through a time rip and into 19th century New Orleans, one very different than the one she knows from history books. 

The only person who can get her home is Professor Seamus Connor, a former convict seeking a quiet life of obscurity. But even the “mad Irishman” knows that recreating a freak accident is next to impossible. 

With the help of a local street urchin, they discover that their problems run deeper than solely getting Felicia back to her own time. The three of them must unravel the secrets of a steam engine that operates upon a scientific impossibility and the mysteries of a grand cathedral at the center of town, where clockwork automatons perform for rapt audiences. 

But can a convict, a guttersnipe and an accidental time traveler prevent the destruction of a city and the death of thousands? Others are watching, and Felicia may not be the only time traveler in New Orleans.

4 Stars

I found this book to be pretty entertaining. I have a love for steampunk so it was no question on if I would read this book when I came across it. It was nice to see a steampunk book that actually had a lot of steampunk creations in it. I find that a lot of books in this genre don't actually have all the fun clockwork, steam run machines in them.

It is defiantly an interesting concept of time travel. I liked how Felicia was able to come to grips with her situation pretty quickly. Also that she still spoke her mind even though she was trapped in a time when women weren't suppose to do that.

The Professor was like icing on the cake. Just what I would expect someone that is passionate about the things he does to act. It was pretty fun listening to him talk about everything, even if it was on the hard side to follow at times.

Henry was a great character as well. I wasn't to sure what I expected from him in the beginning, but his back story is so sad that I couldn't help but root from him. But he was also pretty vital to the success of everything that Felicia and the Professor were working for.

The plot of the book was good as well. Just enough mystery to keep you wondering what was going to happen next, but getting enough answers at the same time that it wasn't frustrating waiting for everything to unravel itself. I really liked the ending, even though I could guess what Felicia was going to do, it still made me smile. I want to think that this is the first in a series. Everything wrapped up nicely, but there was a few minor loose end that are left hanging that make me think there will be a second book sometime in the future.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you like steampunk and a little mystery you will like this book.

On a side note: I really want to know what the big mystery about every ones feet is.

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