Sunday, September 8, 2013


by Kate Genet

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find the world you took for granted was gone? 

It’s a beautiful sunny day when Cass wakes up to find herself alone. It should be just a normal day – there’s a beach to enjoy with family and friends and the summer is at it’s height. Except today is not a normal day. Today there is no one around. In fact, the only living creatures Cass can see are birds. And a horse. Where is everyone?
As Cass struggles to find other survivors in this strange new world where nature is taking back the land, she discovers that being alone might not be the worst thing. It depends on who or what else is out there...

4 Stars

This was one of the most interesting book I have ever read when it comes to the apocalypse. There wasn't some war, or zombies. . .everyone just disappeared without a trace. What an interesting concept I just kept imagining what it would be like if something like that really happened. I was hook by the end of the first chapter and couldn't put the book down until I knew what was going to happen to Cass.

You are in Cass's head the entire time following her around as she tries to cope with the fact that she seems to be the only person left. On top of that she watches as the world starts to re claim everything, starting slowly at first only to speed up to the point that entire towns are gone.

The way everything is described had me seeing it in my head like I was walking next to her the entire time. I could picture myself handling everything the same way she did. Trying my hardest to just not lay down and never get back up again. Its pretty amazing how she kept herself going the entire time.

The big mystery to the book was not something I would have thought off, and I admit I found myself on google looking up certain things that show up in the book just to get a better idea of what they are. I don't want to give anything away in the book but for the most part I knew what some things were and if I didn't I figured it out pretty quickly, but there was a certain animal that shows up in the book that I had to look up and know more about.

The only thing I didn't like was how fast everything happened at the end. The book was relatively short, at least in my opinion. . .it only took me a few hours to finish it, so I feel that there could have been a few more chapters to wrap everything up at little more neatly. From what I can tell it doesn't seem like there will be another book in the works, but I would like to read more about the world and Cass, as well as get a better idea as to what exactly what happened.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, its a awesome concept and if you are looking for an easy read this book is for you.

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