Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: The Lady Astronomer

The Lady Astronomer
by Katy O'Dowd

Lucretia's life as an astronomer is quickly turned on its head by her eldest brother when he is commanded by the king to build the grandest telescope in the land. Her nights spent on rooftops gazing at the stars are replaced by adventure as the family move to be nearer the king. In a race to build the Forty-foot telescope on time, misfortunes take their toll. The lady astronomer finds court life to be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Can she find the strength inside to overcome the obstacles threatening her destiny? Only the stars will tell.

4 Stars

If I had to pick one word to describe this book it would be whimsical. The very first chapter of this book is told from the strangest point of view. Pretty much everything that happens has an almost playful feel to it, like I can't take it seriously, though that line of thought doesn't last forever.

I get into little groves when I read, depending on the feel of the book is how I end up reading it. I read this one really fast because to me whenever anyone talked to someone it seemed that they would have been talking really fast to me. And that they just moved at a very high pace. I can't say why it seemed this way to me, but I really just pictured everyone walking really fast while they talked even faster. 

I'm tempted to call this book silly, but doing that would take to much away from it. It isn't necessary the most serious read you will come across, and a lot that happens is just plain strange but for the most part there is just this under laying feeling that you have to keep reading this book. It made me smile, a lot, and you know I came very close to shedding a few tears as well. Its not everyday that a book and evoke such strong emotions out of me.

I don't feel like there was really a point to the book, more that the author sat down and just wrote what ever came to mind. But it works really well. I'm honestly having a very hard time writing a review for this book, mainly because it was a good read, but I can't really say exactly what it was about the book that I liked so much.

I can say that I didn't like how everyone was a Mr. or Mrs. K, or some other letter. It made it very hard to keep track of who was who.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you are looking for a quick fun read this would be a good one to pick up.

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