Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Waiting for Daybreak

Waiting for Daybreak
by Amanda McNeil

What is normal?

Frieda has never felt normal. She feels every emotion too strongly and lashes out at herself in punishment. But one day when she stays home from work too depressed to get out of bed, a virus breaks out turning her neighbors into flesh-eating, brain-hungry zombies. As her survival instinct kicks in keeping her safe from the zombies, Frieda can’t help but wonder if she now counts as healthy and normal, or is she still abnormal compared to every other human being who is craving brains?

4 Stars

I'm not to sure how I feel about this book. I liked it a lot, and found a lot of parts humorous even knowing that they probably weren't suppose to be. But I'm that jerk that laughs when you fall so I find a lot of things in life funny when others don't.

I have to start of with my biggest complaint. The zombies. I'm pretty strict about my zombies, and in all can say that I'm a lover of the classic kind, I can handle some runners thrown in but for the most part I want my zombies dumb and slow. Here I wasn't sure what to think of them, and honestly liked how Frieda was calling them the Afflicted, because I started to think of them as "zombie like creatures". They liked to eat brains, but hey they talked and you know could open doors and stuff if they were up to it. But as soon as the "Z" word came out I didn't like it, not one bit. Every time I saw the word zombie, I just made it into the word Afflicted. If I hadn't done that I would have really started to not like the book and it is a good book so I didn't want that to happen. I'm just strange when it comes to my zombies. 

The story itself isn't your classic survivor story. Sure there is plenty about her scavenging stuff to live, and some close calls, but other than that not like any zombie story I have read before. Frieda is really a piece of work, and I can honestly see how see was able to survive. I mean if you have to convince yourself everyday of your life not to panic over things, it turns out pretty much the same when you can see your neighbor hood going to hell.

I can say I expected Mike to show up eventually, I also guessed correct as to when he would make his appearance. It made sense to me that a hot man would show up eventually. What I didn't except was him being just as emotionally damaged as Frieda, and all that before the end of the world came. I can't say I really like how they interacted with each other though. 

Snuggles. . .you my feline friend were a very nice touch. I love cats.

I didn't see the end coming at all, I seen some form of it. . .cause you know it is a zombie book and all, but just not the way it did. It is nice to be surprised when reading a zombie book, there are only so many ways they can go and to see someone throw a little bit of a curve ball in there is nice.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you like zombie books you should like this one. Its a quick and easy read as well.

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