Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Disenchantments

Growing Disenchantments
by K.D. Berry

Just when he'd been looking forward to another quiet night delving into mind-bending arcane lore and mentally wrestling with the deepest magicks, along came this mysterious thief to disturb him. Why was it nothing in Ragonnard's life ever went to plan?

Rather than turn her in to the law (or into something else), the young sorcerer offers Ganfrey a deal - steal a portrait from the palace for him. 

But it's no ordinary portrait. For 500 years it's been a magical prison for Syranax, the most powerful sorcerer in history. His enchanted Amulet was entombed with him, and Ragonnard wants it. More than anything.

In releasing the Amulet, Ragonnard unleashes a devastating sequence of sorcerous events, the like of which has not been seen for hundreds of years. And, no, things definitely don't go to plan.

Ned Merrivel is a time traveller from the future. His job is to sort it out when it all goes wrong and save the world somehow. If only he can find a pair of trousers first.

5 Stars

This has been one of the most amusing books I have read in a really long time. It actually took me a few chapters before I could switch gears into a less then serious read. Your not going to find any angst filled teenagers discovering new powers in this YA book. Honestly I feel like a lot of the younger generations might not understand a lot of the humor in this book. Not saying that I'm that old myself, but I grew up in a house that watched movies like "Young Frankenstein" and "Monte Python and the Holy Grail" so I fully appreciated it. Needless to say if you like those movies you will really like this book.

Its told from quite a few different point of views, and this is done masterfully. No confusion at all when it switches. Its one of those books where you hear from a few different people who all eventually meet up with each other at some point. 

There is a very small romantic element in the book. I have to admit I like when there is a little romance thrown into my reads. But it in no way is the main focus, its just kinda there making you happy. 

Everything that happens in the book is pretty much border line insane, and there is a lot of really good puns thrown in there. Normally I don't put quotes in my reviews but I actually laughed out loud when I read this one. . .and honestly you won't really understand it unless you read the book, but its pretty great.

""Everyone says that," sniggered Velasco. "I'm glad you were imp-pressed."

I was in my kitchen making a cup of coffee when I read that part. . .I laughed so loud I scared my cat (though she is a little on the spazzy side).

Things get a little serious towards the end, especially when the battle is going down, but there is still some humor thrown in every now and again to keep you smiling. I would really like to see a book number two at some point. Though everything did wrap up really nice I still would like to hear more about Ganfrey and Ragonnard. 

Would I recommend this book? Oh yeah, it was very entertaining and if you are looking for a light, carefree read this is the book to pick.

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