Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Eville Protection Plan

The Eville Protection Plan
by Holand Peterson

UEL Inspector Daniel Hammett thought he could handle anything thrown his way. That was before meeting the unforgettable Serene Necrosia, a woman whose ambitious invention nearly decimated the town of Eville (as well as the entire world for that matter). 

Hammett, along with his partner Raphael Vega, are now tasked with escorting Necrosia and her two employees, Alex and Moody, halfway across the world to UEL Headquarters. But nothing is ever easy with Serene involved. The Cosa Nosferatu (vampire mafia) is still desperately trying to snatch the wily inventor before it’s too late. An old nemesis prowls the shadows. Even Hammett’s own organization is riddled with spies working for the enemy. Worst of all, Hammett must endure the company of the insane Necrosia the entire way. This is going to be hell.

Strap in for a wild ride full of danger, intrigue, romance (?), adventure, explosive action, sexy goblins, improbable science and more weirdness guaranteed to keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

This is The Eville Protection Plan.

5 stars

I know I have mentioned the Eville series before and how much I loved the books. Normally I get nervous when I end up reading a series, mainly because some where along the way I tend to stop being interested in it. Thank goodness this hasn't happened with this series. This book was just as amusing and fun to read as the first two books.

I want to say there was a few point of view shifts going on in this book, but really it was more that the story would take a different turn and we would hear about someone else. Where in the first book it was more Alex's story its now evolved into everyones story now. 

Serene is still my favorite out of everyone, I almost wish she was a real person because she is so strange. I also really liked that I learned more about Vega this time around, though I do still want to know why he doesn't talk. I have my own theory's on this, but to really know would be awesome. 

I still feel bad for Alex though but for all that he went through and is still going through he is starting to figure out what is important to him in life. I like that he is still pretty much the same scared and spazzy person but at the same time is growing in different ways. 

Hands down my new favorite this time around was Fabio. I want to say so much about him but it would really ruin the awesomeness of him for everyone if I did. Just know that he is pretty amazing. 

The story itself was good, it wasn't as crazy as the first two books but there is still a few really crazy twists thrown in there. Some things I really didn't see coming at all, and some are pretty sad. But everything still happens in the most unusual ways possible, and Serene is constantly adding humor to everything. 

These are the kind of books that makes you wish that places and people you are reading about really where hiding somewhere in the background of your life.

As a total side thought when I seen the cover I was really wondering what it was all about. . .I now know what it depicts. . .look forward to finding that out for yourself. 

Would I recommend this book? Hell yeah, I love these books and will be waiting to get my hands on book four.

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