Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rebellion: Rising Book 2

Rebellion: Rising Book 2
by: Laura Josephsen

Lachlan's had a rough summer. First, the girl he shares a painful history with didn't remember him. Then Brenna, the woman he loves, showed up after seven years away and wants nothing to do with him. To top it all off, he almost died with the rest of his people when soldiers invaded his country.

Now the enemy could be using Lachlan's people as assassins. When Brenna leaves to find the truth, Lachlan invites himself along.

As Lachlan struggles to rebuild the trust he lost with Brenna, they unravel the dark secret their enemy has worked long and hard to hide--and its consequences for them are greater than they could have known.

5 Stars

I have to admit I was a little scared going into this book. I absolutely loved the first book, and I wasn’t so sure if I would like this one. My fears were all for nothing, if it is even possible I loved this book so much more.

This book is darker then the first one. We really get to see how torn and broken these people are, and we watch them slowly start to mend. It was an amazing process to read, I really cared about what was going to happen to them, and really rooting for the good things in their lives. This book took fictional characters and made them into real people for me.

I liked how even though we were in Lachlan and Brenna’s head this time around we still heard about Mairwyn and Alphonse and what they were doing to help in the war that was going on. They were still major players even if we didn’t know everything from their point of views.

The dynamic of Brenna and Lachlan worked amazing. Brenna was strong and fearless, and Lachlan was more compassionate though didn’t lack in protecting himself. The banter they had between them was a good way to lighten the mood at times as well. It helped the book to not take such a strong turn towards the dark.

The plot is insane, I don’t want to give anything away, but dang did it twist you up inside when you found out the things that were going on. And as much as this book was about fighting a war it was also a love story, as well as healing past wounds.

I went through so many different emotions while reading this book, hope, hate, love, fear. . .it is all there depicted brilliantly. I high doubt anyone can read these books without feeling every single one along with the characters.

The epilogue was a great way to wrap everything up nice and neat; I would have been so disappointed if I didn’t find out what happened to some of the different people. It also made me wonder if there are plans for another book or not. From the way this one ended it could go both ways, and honestly I would love for these books to continue and maybe get a few different character points of views as well.

Would I recommend this book? Yes a thousand times. I would recommend both of them, they are great reads.

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