Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vacation Update

My blog has been looking a little on the sad side so I thought it would be a good idea to give a little update on what has been going on with everything.

So my vacation has been progressing at a great rate. I spent Easter with my family, and my kids must have been good because the Easter bunny didn’t poop in their Easter baskets. . .yes that is what I told my kids would happen if they were bad, I mean Santa gives coal when your bad it only makes sense if the Easter Bunny poops in your basket.

Feeding the deer at the Popcorn Park Zoo
Ironically I went to the Popcorn Park Zoo. . .it is nothing like it was when I was young, but my kids loved feeding popcorn to all the different animals. My daughter even womaned up and fed some animals. She hasn’t done something like that since a goat sneezed in her face.

No children or adults were chased around by insane geese on this trip.

The Ferris Wheel were my fear of heights
got a lot worse.
I took a trip to Seaside and really couldn’t believe how much it got destroyed. Though to me it seemed more like a blessing in disguise because they are rebuilding it to look and be so much better than it was. It was pretty sad seeing the place looking as bad as it did though.

I asked my son to smile and he posed nice for me
in front of a snake
Today we all went to the Philadelphia Zoo. For some reason I expected it to be a lot bigger than it really was. It was one of those things that seem so big when you’re a kid but when you grow up is so much smaller than you really thought. I felt bad for my husband because on the way home we got all sorts of mixed up in the car and I’m a total spaz and couldn’t handle city driving and was panicking and yelling and generally wanting to cry until we finally found our way. All of that and I wasn’t even the one driving the car.

Hanging out with the friends is always an interesting and fun time as well. There is something always going on that has us laughing. For the most part I haven’t turned into a major bitch. . .but there is still a few days left before I have to leave to go home so anything is possible.

Between all of that I have been reading in my free time, which you can imagine hasn’t been much. But I’m just about done with the book and should have the review up here before the end of the week.

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