Saturday, March 9, 2013

Becoming Red (The Becoming #1)

Becoming Red (The Becoming #1)

Becoming Red (The Becoming, #1)

By: Jess Raven & Paula Black

2 Stars

I just finished a little bit of a reading binge. I have been reading this book for a few days and kept having to put it down for one reason or another. I finally just put my foot down and decided I would keep reading until it was finished. Now its almost 4 in the morning and I'm feeling little put out.

Ash has a few horrible nightmares following her around. Doctors told her everything she remembers from a traumatic childhood isn't real. When she is awake she can believe that, but when the lure of sleep becomes to much the truth tries to reveal itself in her dreams. When her grandmother suffers a stroke Ash rushes off to Dublin to handle her estate. He nightmares start making more sense to her, and she meets Connel who brings out a side of herself that she didn't think was possible.

The beginning of this book is so confusing, and it doesn't get much better the more you read. Having names thrown at me when I didn't know who these people were was horrible it made me feel like I missed reading a book somewhere before I started this one.  The way Ash thought was like she was constantly tripping out on some crazy drug. But it wasn't just her thoughts that were like that. . .it was every ones. I felt like I missed out on the high every one around me somehow found and I was sitting there watching them all talk gibberish to each other.

I'm someone that absolutely loves point of view shifts, but only when they are done smoothly. You shifted from Ash's thoughts to Connels constantly. It was really confusing when you would see from Connels point of view then switch over to Ash's and she would replay the same thing. I would be like "didn't I already read this?"

The sex sense were hot, but with the same tripping thoughts. Sometimes I wasn't even sure if they were getting it on or not. Though it all came across as very poetic, it just didn't work for me.

I didn't like how it felt that I should already know a lot of the mythology that was put out there either, and by the time it was explained I was half way through and just didn't care anymore. I noticed at the end of the read there was a glossary, I'm sure this would have helped me out tons if I had know it was there.

I'm still not really sure what this book was suppose to be about. I thought a few times it was going to run the lines of the fairy tale Little Red Ridding Hood, but except for a couple of references it didn't go that way.

The only saving grace for this book was the sexy parts, and the emotional turmoil that takes part towards the end. I actually started to care what was going to happen with Ash and Connel, and then the book ended and it turned out to be a little to late for me.

Would I recommend this book? I hate to say it but no. This book fell flat for me in a lot of ways.


  1. Yikes, sounds like one to avoid. Dublin caught my attention though, is it set mostly in Ireland? Might be curious enough to read it anyway if it is just to see how the setting is handled.

  2. The entire book takes place in Dublin. . .but you wouldn't really know that was the case, it could have been any city with how little it was described. For the most part I forgot that it took place there until it would be mentioned again, and I am pretty sure that Ireland is only mentioned once.

  3. Well that settles it, not for me then.


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