Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge

Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge

By: Joss Llewelyn

5 Stars

I’m not sure if I can classify this book as steampunk. . .but I really want to. There are strange devices all over the place, but they are in no way what I would call clockwork. I would like to call them magic, but it is clearly stated that it isn’t. They make me want to live in Zelda’s world so that I can play with them, they sounded so cool.

This book is loaded with weird terms, and even stranger things. It was a little hard to get used to it all, but once I let go of the fact that everything seemed super crazy (which I should have before I even started the read, I mean it is fantasy) it was a lot of fun to read. Thing are explained to you so it makes it easier to grasp.

The entire beginning of this book was so fun. I don’t want to get into it because I hate putting spoilers in my reviews, but heck man I wasn’t expecting any of what happened to happen.

I can honestly say I have never read anything that had to do with what this one did. This is full on brand new. The author put a lot of thought into everything, and made sure to explain everything so nothing is confusing. It had to be so much fun to think these things up.

This book is very fast paced. There is no slowing down once the action get started, and you pretty much follow Zelda all over Europe in a few days. I would have liked to take my time with this book but the way everything moved I couldn't help but read it fast. Everything stayed pretty realistic in the moving around area as well, airport visits, rented cars, etc. . .but you don't get bored with the details of this, you know whats going on, but not to the point were you feel like you have waited 5 hours in the airport terminal before hoping on a 9 hour flight.

Zelda is great, and I really love her personality. She is super smart but she doesn’t let her think she is better than anyone. I love her relationship with her sister.

I liked this book so much that I looked to see if there was a second one right after I finished it, thankfully there is. I have already read it and I’m getting ready to dive into the third one.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I really enjoyed it. 

So a little update. . .while this post was sitting on the side lines waiting for its turn to shine I continued to read the second then the third book. Normally I would write a review for each book. . .but I read them so fast and this one hadn't gone live yet, and honestly I'm tired cause its like 1:30 in the morning, and if I don't write a review right after I read a book it just doesn't happen. I think those are all very good excuses so I'm just going to go with them. To get to the point, in very easy terms both books Zelda Pryce: The Clockwork Girl (Book 2) and Zelda Pryce: The Demon Hunt (Book 3) are just as amazing as the first and you should hurry up and read all three and sigh happily to yourself when you are done. Don't pass theses one's up, I can say I have never read anything like these before and I probably never will (unless it is from the same author). Enjoy!


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