Monday, March 18, 2013

Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin Trilogy) Release Date

Where to start. . .well I guess the best way is to gush like a fan girl.

I loved Grave Mercy! Loved it!!

Okay now that is out of the way. I have this thing where every now and again I want to read a book about assassins. You wouldn't think it would be hard to get your hands on a book like that, and it isn't. They are all over the place, but to get a good book about assassins, now that is rare. I remember picking up Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers a while back and hoping it would be worth reading. Oh and it was.

So because I have a horrible memory, and tend to not be a great stalker it just came to my attention that the second book in the trilogy is about to be released. Not only that but I don't have to wait months for it. Yay! Sometimes its a good thing when your memory sucks and you forget to stalk author pages.

As far as I can tell from the synopsis Dark Triumph will be taking the point of view of Sybella instead of Ismae. Which I'm okay with, I wanted to know more about Sybella and now I'm getting that.

Sybella arrives at the convent’s doorstep half mad with grief and despair. Those that serve Death are only too happy to offer her refuge—but at a price. The convent views Sybella, naturally skilled in the arts of both death and seduction, as one of their most dangerous weapons. But those assassin's skills are little comfort when the convent returns her to a life that nearly drove her mad. And while Sybella is a weapon of justice wrought by the god of Death himself, He must give her a reason to live. When she discovers an unexpected ally imprisoned in the dungeons, will a daughter of Death find something other than vengeance to live for?

I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on this book. So I have upped my stalking skills (which wasn't much, I really am horrible at finding information on things) and found my way to Robin LaFevers website and found this fun little widget with a count down until Dark Triumph is released. You can find it floating around somewhere on the right side of my blog.

But in case you don't feel like looking for it the release date is April 2, 2013. That still gives you some time to read Grave Mercy if you haven't already. Which I suggest you do, that book was the cats meow. I can only imagine that this one will be just as amazing.

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