Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Shadow Rises

The Shadow Rises

The Shadow Rises

K.S. Marsden

3 Stars

This book was very interesting in what it was about. Taking something as commonly written about as witches as twisting it ever so slightly to make it into something completely new.

Hunter is a 7th generation witch hunter. With that comes somethings that even he doesn't know about. It is typical for him to hunt down witches every day. After saving Sophie from being sacrificed by witches he introduces her to the life of a witch hunter. The two of them along with Hunters best friend James make the discovery of the Shadow witch coming back. Will they be able to stand up against a magic that knows no limits?

You will find this book to be filled with action, love, and betrayal. I always like when I get to read about something that I haven't seen done before. Witches that are all entirely evil is something new to me, and an interesting concept. Making you think that the lure of power can be to powerful for even the most kind hearted person.

Though I loved the idea of this book I found the writing to be on the choppy side. I was constantly jarred out of my reading by odd wording in sentences. But being some what of an adaptive reader I was able to get use to this, though I know others won't like it.

Something else I didn't like is that I never really got to know Hunter, James, or Sophie. I read about them and the things they did but I never really got much of a feel as to who they were. There were a couple of times when the point of view would suddenly switch to one of them and this was confusing to me, I would have to re read the paragraph to see exactly who was thinking what. I'm someone that loves point of view switches, but when they happen without warning it does more harm to the story then good.

Though I probably shouldn't have liked her, I loved Hunters mother. She isn't in the book to much, but when she would show up a smile would come to my face. I love characters that just say whatever they want and don't care what others think about them or if they hurt anyone's feelings.

The thing that really makes this book worth reading is the twist. I just didn't see it coming at all. I actually stopped reading had a "what!" moment then jumped back in. It worked great because even though I didn't see it coming it wasn't hard for me to accept it.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it has its faults, but the ending made it worth it.

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  1. Great review, you did a great job of making me see exactly what you liked and didn't like with this book. Big fan of twists too :)


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