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Revenge of the Taken (Humble Walker Book 1)

Revenge of the Taken (Humble Walker Book 1)
by: Shane Scollins

Every year in America, thousands of women disappear never to be seen again, and one man has dedicated his life to finding them...

Humble Walker has an amazing gift rooted deep in an ancient Navajo legend. It's a power that may be as limitless as his imagination, if he could only learn how to control it. 

Waging a clandestine war in the shadows of the New York City underground, Humble has taken on an unassuming drug research facility, abducting women for nefarious mind control experiments. They're powerful, corrupt, and have perfected a brain-altering narcotic like the world has never seen. 

Beautiful and spunky Kat Carson is the latest victim. Taken from her comfortable suburban life, she represents a tipping point in the ongoing battle, but all she wants is her life back. With the help of Humble and a small band of refugees, she has a fighting chance. 

Even with the best plans, things can go horribly wrong. Unthinkable betrayal derails their efforts and backs them into a corner. But, that is the one place you don't want to put Humble Walker.

3 Stars

I didn't quite like this book but I really didn't hate it either. I was really into the entire read until about half way through. I started to lose real interest after Kat had this mind vision session with Humble and nothing really came from it at all. I was all excited about it, then had disappointment. I lost even more interest when Dax decided to not trust Kat because she was jealous. Mainly this is because we all knew Kat was innocent of everything Dax thought because we read from her point a view from time to time, and the author would have had to do a really crazy amazing twist that wouldn't have worked if she wasn't. So it was annoying to listen to the reasons why Dax didn't trust her.

I feel like if the author decided to not do the entire book from every major players point of view it would have kept my interest longer. If he wanted wanted to do the jealousy angle Kats point of view should have been much more limited or not there at all, so at least we could have maybe believed she was really planted to ruin everything. A lot of the time I rushed through certain point of views to get to the more interesting ones. I didn't want to hear about everything that was going on from every direction. Just seemed kinda pointless to me.

I did like Humbles vortex eye thing, even though it was never really explained. It was still pretty neat, and when he really started to get control of everything it made it pretty awesome. I would have really liked to learn more about them, but I understood that Humble only knew as much as we did.

I liked the ending to a point. The last little bit of the book felt like a poor set up for book number two. Everything got wrapped up really well, and I'm really not interested in knowing exactly why someone was kidnapped, especially when I was satisfied with the answer already given. I just can't see it making a good number two kind of book.

The subject matter of the book was disturbing, it was just on the side of believable. I can actually see something like this really happening. So had a real creep factor going with it.

I guess I got a little more into this then I thought I would. I mean it was an alright book, just a little annoying at times and it tended to get boring for me.

Would I recommend this book? Probably not. It just didn't keep my interest long enough, and sadly I'll probably forget most of this book within the next few hours.

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