Monday, March 25, 2013

Midnight Squad: The Grim

Midnight Squad: The Grim

by: J.L.M Visada

She expected him to die. They expected to break him. Joseph has always been good at doing the unexpected. It's what has kept him alive so long. Even after being locked away in a mental institution where they expected him to quietly fade away into obscurity, Joseph did the unexpected and escaped. 

Now they've found him. He's expecting jail, or maybe a return to the nuthouse. Instead they're offering him a chance to rebuild his career, and maybe even his life. He's been offered a chance to resume his military career, and train a secret squad. It's his last chance.

Joseph expected a hardcore group of fighting men. Men that ate coal and crapped diamonds. He expected a well trained, highly experience group of soldiers. What he got were untrained, but freakishly powerful women. Joseph just simply isn't prepared to deal with a young but feisty goth witch (Don't call her cute!), a lonely lesbian werewolf, a lecherous ghost nun, and a beautiful vampire whose only creatures of the night are the people she goes raiding with on World of Warcraft at 2 a.m.

If that wasn't enough trouble, the last member of his squad is the very same woman that tortured him, and killed his men. Can Joseph come to grips with who he is, and find his own humanity among the monsters? Welcome to the Midnight Squad, they're not what you'd expect.

As promised here is the review I wrote for this amazing book. It is a really fun read, and I really do suggest that anyone and everyone (well anyone and everyone above the age of 18) pick this one up and give it a go.

4 Stars

This book wasn't really what I was expecting. But that is not said in a bad way, it was a great book, just really not what I thought it would be.

There is Grim, he had a horrible experience and was drowning himself in booze when the Army catches back up with him and assigns him to train a group of extremely different women. When everything starts hitting the fan they all come together to try and save the country. Its hard to summarize what was going on without giving a lot of the book away so I have to stop there.

There was seriously a little of everything in this book. Drama, love, lust, religion, guns, bombs, fighting, humor etc. . .You think of something and it was there. It was a very entertaining read, the only thing that bothered me was the way the dialogue was. Instead of it being separated so you could easily tell when a new person was talking it was all put together in one paragraph. It made it difficult to read in the beginning but I was able to adjust.

I was able to get a feeling for each of the characters, and everyone had their own backstories. I cared what happened to each one of them, and understood them better because of this. Grim had to be one of the happiest men in the world for all he was getting *wink wink*.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending, it all seemed a little rushed to me, and everything seemed to wrap up to nicely. I can only assume there is going to be another book written to explain more about all that happened. It in no way ended in a cliffhanger, but definitely left me curious as to what else is going to happen with the gang.

I really loved the dedications and copy right in the beginning, it really has nothing to do with the book at all, and normally I just skip over that stuff but it had me cracking up. It set the book up for me and the book didn't disappoint.

Would I recommend this book? Yes I would, like I said it had a little of everything in it and was very entertaining.


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  2. Oh my, another book with the word Grim in the title! I like books though where you actually care for the characters; I sometimes feel like a good amount of the books I read these days lack that. Happy reading!


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