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Ember (Ember Series)

Ember (Ember Series)
by: Tess Williams

Evelyn is one girl amidst hundreds of sword wielding, demon fighting, magic casting… boys. 

Insecurity and logic have always kept the wild, adventurous spirit of seventeen year old Evelyn Avest stuck in her home town of Tiver. Now, with the Order, an all male fighting league, she finally feels like she’s found her place. If she wants to stay she’ll have to prove her worth as a magic Artisan. The problem is, the only one who can teach her to do that is one particularly infuriating, exasperating, cocky, self absorbed, gorgeous, powerful, hot, well… Jerk. A war is coming, and in the end, the girl who should not be there… will become the only answer.

3 Stars

I’m not sure how I really feel about this book. It’s one of those ones that you love to hate and hate to love. When I first went in I was iffy on everything. But then there was a conversation between Eve, Cornelius, and Ikovos that had me laughing and I started to fall in love.

Everything starts moving along, but a lot of things that happen just seem to be put there to make the book longer. Because of this things started to feel like they were dragging at certain points before everything would pick up and get moving again. I felt this the most when it came to Eve learning magic, it seemed like it would be a big part of the book, I mean it is freaking magic if I could learn it I would be up in everyone’s business all the time until I got taught, but she seemed to forget that she could for a while and then when she finally did learn magic it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be. More like a “oh okay you can do magic now, good for you” feeling. . .I was disappointed. The weapons training part also seemed pointless; she never did anything with it.

Now Eve is probably why I’m waffling back and forth so much about this book. One minute she is amazing and I want to stand behind her and cheer, then the next she can barely get a sentence out and I want to start shaking her, hard. I understand that is just how she is, socially awkward and all that jazz. . .I’m socially awkward but I can still get full sentences out when the need arises, and if I’m with friends forget about it, it’s like all my pent up awkwardness gets thrown at them and I don’t shut up.

The relationship aspect of this book was alright. I liked how it developed over time and there was no intsa-love. I thought a couple of times that there was going to be a love triangle but thank God that didn’t really happen. What I don’t understand is how she could fall in love with the person she did, he was mean, treated her bad and always made it seem like she wasn’t wanted. When the possible other love interest was always there for her, helped her out, and was just an all around nice guy. When love was finally declared it felt forced. . .like really forced, like “we are almost at the end of the book and need some emotional crap thrown in real quick” forced.

So here I sit on the fence because even though I didn’t like a lot about this book I still did really like it, especially in the beginning. When my husband asked if I was reading a good book I practically knocked him over telling him yes. The entire first half of this book is amazing. . .the entire last half no so much. It was still really interesting, just a lot of things made me mad.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, because it was still pretty awesome, and I know the things I didn’t like wouldn’t really bother a lot of other people. I’m just picky.

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