Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Star Week Failure

This post has nothing to do with books or reviews. It is a little taste of what goes through my head almost all the time, and what life with me is like.

So my sister called me and I got to telling her about how my son is star of the week at school this week. Because of this I then started complaining about all that is wrong with what is going on with his "star" status. (I have been bitching about this since last Friday when he came home with the sheet of paper in his book bag all excited about it.)

First and most importantly. . .this week is a short week, no school on Friday because its a teacher work day or some other jazz. Why does my son have a short week to be this star? Why doesn't he have a full week?

Then I am told I have to send him in with pictures of his family, pets, food he likes to eat (because you know I take pictures of that), etc. . .Now who in the hell actually prints pictures anymore? I know I don't. I just upload them to my facebook and the people that would want to see them get to. Especially since I live about 12 hours away from majority of the people that would want to see them. I'm not about to print out pictures and mail them to people. So now I have to make a point of taking a picture of his favorite food, uploading all this stuff to my computer, sending it to the closest CVS and picking them up later. Pain in the butt is what that is.

Finally the straw that broke my back. . .I have to send in a snack on Friday (which doesn't make sense because there is no school so I'm assuming I should do it on Thursday) for the entire class, which is 22 kids. My son is the star, these kids should be giving him their snacks not the other way around. They should be bowing down to his amazing star shining powers and sacrificing their snacks to him all week in order to keep him pleased.

Because of this snack issue I made myself look like a Little Debbie addicted freak this morning as well. We
This is what my ordered looked like, just a full box of coffee.
Yes I have had 3 cups already
all woke up late so I had to drive him into school. Because I won't live off of only one cup of coffee I stopped at the local Food Lion on my way home to pick up creamer and coffee. Now its like 7:30 am and yes I am still in my PJ's. . .and I'm wandering around Food Lion with my creamer in one hand and trying to remember what isle coffee is in when I see the end cap full of Little Debbie snacks, and I'm all like "Oh shit I have to get snacks for the class!!" So I'm looking to see what boxes have the most in them and I settle on cupcakes cause there is 8 in each box and hey what kid doesn't like cupcakes. In order to have enough for everyone I had to get 3 boxes.

Now I'm walking up to the register and I notice that I look like some sort of weirdo that is going to go home sit on the floor and surround myself with Little Debbie cupcakes and stuff my face with them. I really want to explain to the cashier why I have 3 boxes, but I know it will just look like an excuse to make her think I'm a normal person when she knows in her head that I'm going to do exactly what it looks like I will.

And now that my daughter has seen a bunch of cupcake boxes in the kitchen she keeps asking me if she can have some, and I have to keep telling her they are for school. It makes me wish I would have just got 4 boxes and just solidified my image of a cupcake addict.

So star of the week is a total fail in our house.

Looking at this post I'm about 99.9% positive it was coffee induced. I tend to get very jittery and more strange then normal when I ingest large amounts of that oh so tasty drink.

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