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Mark of Fate (Fate #1)

Mark of Fate (Fate #1)

By C.M. Fick

4 Stars

Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air in the entire vampire/relationship thing that is so popular now a days. There is no insta-love or pages and pages of how amazing Xanders body/eyes/voice/big toe is. Normally I pass up books that have this theme in them, but it had been a while and I thought it couldn't hurt to give this one a try.

Mattie has had her fate planned for her since she was an infant. Her mother being forced into a deal with a vampire didn't leave any room for much else. On her nineteen birthday she meets Xander and falls deeply in love. But people are keeping secrets, and when they are revealed Mattie's world will be turned on its head while fate finally catches up with her.

The beginning of this book starts of with a little bit of a bang. . .it really pulled me in and in all honesty I expected something completely different then what I got. I still liked what I got I just didn't see it coming. The only thing I didn't really understand is the entire fortune telling part, though I have a feeling it will play a part in the next book. . .it didn't really hold to the story to much this round. It did make me expect Matties and Monas relationship to be closer then what I felt it really was. For best friends they seemed be giving each other a lot a looks, and really not spending much time together at all. 

This books main focus is a sweet romance between Mattie and Xander. It starts off like any other relationship starts, and progresses at a smooth pace. They weren't confessing undying love to each other within days of meeting, and like I said earlier it made for a much nicer read for me. Though not much happens other then the development of their relationship it was still interesting to me. 

I found it weird that the age nineteen was picked out. . .I don't live in Canada and I don't really know how things work there, so maybe it has a more significant reason then what I could pick out. It seemed like an odd number to me especially because she was taking an extra year at high school (that in itself was weird, never heard of it happening before but I guess it goes back to not being from Canada thing). 

I liked how things were revealed in the end. Mattie reacted to things in a sensible way, and in all honesty if my husband suddenly told me he was a vampire I would probably do exactly what she did (that might not be the best example because if he waited eight years to tell me something like that I would probably break out the holy water first and ask questions later). 

Because not much happens in this book other then the two of them getting to know each other I feel like it should have been more of a novella that leads into what would be the second book, which in my case would be the first book. Just as an insight into why the two of them are together, and why they love each other so much. I haven't checked out more then the synopsis for the next book, but what I got from it there is going to be a lot more action.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was refreshing on the relationship part. Nothing like two characters falling for each other like the rest of us do.

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  1. Yourself and Kristine have done a great job selling this book to me.

    Moving up a little bit on my to read shelf :)


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